My entire department had an 8 hour training session on Wednesday. I brought my little mini-legal pad, prepared to take notes. I mostly doodled. At the end of the day I was so excited to escape training, that I left my legal pad on my chair.Today I found it in my inbox, with a note from the VP of Production that said, “Molly? Could this be yours?”Written on the pad– in various types of script, supplemented by a picture of a weird little pig with a rainbow behind its head, a kilroy-ish face, and various other doodly lines:


Change used to be bad


Katherine Goldenrod

Meep Fried

weeeet Powderhouse Powder House

Live Cross Cross training ”

Out of all the windows into my mind, this is probably the most innocuous and least bizarre one I could have left on my chair for a VP to find. Whew. Just, whew.