I wasn’t going to get up early this morning.  I figured I’d sleep in, since it was the weekend.  Plus I’d gotten to bed late the night before.  Ahem. 

What got me out of bed in an instant was the realization that I could watch the Sunday morning news shows.

This is becoming a sickness.  I can’t keep doing this to myself!  I am obsessed with news coverage of the presidential race.  I compulsively scan the internet for more damning information about Sarah Palin.  (Granted, the hits DO keep on coming.  Good job allowing Wasilla to charge rape victims for forensic kits when you were mayor, Palin!  Apparently you actually said “Yes please wait maybe not thanks but no thanks for the bridge to nowhere.”) 

Still.  I need to cut back before I lose my mind.  The whole thing is like a rash that I can’t leave alone.  If I’d only stop scratching it, it would heal a little.  But I can’t!  It’s so itchy and hurty! 

And looking at the polls right now makes me break out in hives.  I need to hibernate until Nov. 2nd.  With one day of wakefulness during which I vote.  Who’s with me?