A group of drunk girls were laughing and shrieking in the courtyard below our bedroom window.  My alarm was set for 5am, which is when I needed to get up to drive Brian to the airport.  When the girls started playing “Red Rover” is when I decided enough was enough.
“Girls,” I shouted down from between the blinds.  “Can you please keep it down?”  My voice sounded shockingly loud and petulant in the darkness.  It also showcased that, although I am on the 3rd floor, my proximity to them was very close.

“Are you going to tell our mom?”  one of them sassed.  And the others chorused, “Okayyy.”

“Thank you,” I shouted back.

And with that, complete silence.  As I drifted back to sleep, I decided that either they were scaling my apartment building with knives in their teeth and I wouldn’t wake to see morning, or they were fairly polite drunk girls who didn’t really want to disturb anyone.

I awoke safe and sound.  Thank you, polite drunk girls!  This place is almost starting to feel like home, except for the fact that you listened when I asked you to be quiet.