How difficult can it be to find a decent looking pantsuit (or just a suit-jacket!) that doesn’t make me feel like I raided my mom’s closet?

I need to dress for a job interview, not a tea party with my favorite stuffed animals.

Is it just me, or did Target used to sell clothes that you could wear to work post-college?  When did it become Boring Wet Seal?  If you’re not on the debate team or going to the library  to study for finals  and hoping to run into that cute boy from history class, it’s USELESS.

Sigh.  This is what happens to me when I start temping again.   It isn’t pretty, folks.

Not to mention the fact that the dog is used to having a stay at home mom, and today I left him alone for 10 hours.  Why don’t we have a cat?  From my understanding, you come home to a cat and if you’re lucky it nods in your direction.  The dog wraps himself around my legs  while quivering in paroxysms of fear and joy.

“PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!!!!  Whatever I did, I’m sorry!  I’m SO SORRY!  AAAAUUUUGH PANT PANT PANT DROOL.”  I can’t even bring myself to meet the terrible shell-shocked look that is still in his eyes.

Eight hours of data entry and no internet make Molly something-something.

Oh, right.  Drink wine!