Brian really likes to watch the Discovery Channel.

I will admit that he’s gotten me hooked on more than a few of the Discovery Channel’s offerings. I enjoy watching the likeable nerds on Mythbusters get drunk and run on treadmills in the name of science. I don’t mind watching Dirty Jobs, either (Mike Rowe is a tall drink of water, even when he’s standing knee-deep in maggots). There’s a new show on right now called Time Warp that is a stoner’s dream come true—all they do is film things and then play them back in extreme slow motion. In the last episode, they took all of the safety guards off of a table buzz saw and then threw dead fish and piñatas at it, also in the name of science. It’s brilliant, in a way.

The show I can’t really get behind as much is Storm Chasers. It’s about a ragtag band of…weather enthusiasts, who…well…ok, see?  I lost me already.

No, but seriously. Here is the plot of every episode of this show: “We’ve been watching the weather, and it looks like there’s some tornados a brewin’ in this area over here, so we’re going to go find the tornados. Here we are, right near some big huge tornados. We’re going to film— AAAH!!! Oh My God! Tornados! They’re coming right toward us! AAAA! OH NO WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!!  RUN FROM THE TORNADOS!!! AAAA!!!” Eventually, they escape the tornados, and live to chase after, and then run away from, other tornados another day.

Does anyone else understand the appeal of this show?