In our fridge, we have:

4 types of mustard: Spicy Brown, Yellow, Stone Ground, and Honey.

We have 3 types of horseradish.  Two are creamy.  I believe the second purchase of creamy-style was made in error.

We have 6 BBQ sauces– but I feel that this is more understandable.  2 are the vinegar-based eastern North Caroline-style.  (When I first moved to North Carolina I had no idea about vinegar-based barbecue sauce; and yet whenever I have visitors I am always unjustifiably surprised that they’ve never heard of it.)

2 bottles of A1 steak sauce (sometimes you feel Bold & Spicy, sometimes you don’t).

3 bottles of hot sauce.  I kind of thought we had more than that.  I’m a little ashamed.  (I’m not sure WHY I am ashamed, as I dislike hot sauce except for the extremely mild Texas Pete’s and the relatively unhot Sriracha– which are 2 of the 3 sauces we own and the only two we really use.  And yet somehow I equate having lots of different hot sauces as being somehow bad ass, inasfar as condiment-ownership can be referred to as ‘bad ass’.)

We also have ketchup in bottle and packet form.

Lastly, we have about half a dozen bottles of salad dressing, including two of blue cheese.  The vinaigrette dressings are probably the last bottles of that type of dressing I will ever buy, since I recently learned of the joys of homemade salad dressing:  Chop up a little garlic or a shallot, throw it in some balsamic vinegar, add a little stone-ground mustard and some olive oil and maybe some lemon juice and beat with a whisk and– Voila!  Delicious homemade salad dressing.  Why did I never try this before?

What does your fridge look like, condiment-wise?