Howard and I took on the following ridiculous statement from CBS news in this week’s Perpetual Post:

“A majority of those who watched the speech, 58 percent, said the president had explained his plans, up from 40 percent before the speech. But among those who didn’t watch, only one in four now say he has explained his plans — the same percentage as before the speech.” CBS News poll following President Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress.

I did not watch President Obama’s speech on healthcare last week, and I have to say, I found it particularly lacking.  The address would have been a great opportunity for our beleaguered president to set the record straight on his healthcare agenda, had he actually done that and had I watched it.  Though there was a great deal of anticipation surrounding this speech, the president’s remarks, from what I gather from myself, fell flat.

I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt in my assumptions about your address, Obama, but your message was garbled and unintelligible, like the pirated football game I watched instead of your speech.  You’ve let this country down, and wasted our time to boot.  You think I have all day to sit around remembering to watch you speak to a joint session of Congress?  I’m in the middle of planning another trip to Canada to buy prescription drugs since my insurance won’t pay for the pills I take for my high blood pressure.

Even though I didn’t give you a chance, President Obama, you still managed to let me down.  At this point, you’re 0 for 0.  That’s a pretty disappointing record.  Not only that, but you’ve been discussing the subject of healthcare reform for months now, and I still have a very cloudy sense of what your plan is for revamping the healthcare system—if you even have one at all!  You could be winging it for all I know!  And if Americans can’t trust you to explain a serious subject like healthcare to us without forcing us to turn on the television, listen to the radio or read a newspaper, then how can we be expected to trust you?  How will we know for sure that you’re not planning to load sick people into Death Stars like I read about on a cocktail napkin somewhere?!  How, indeed.