So I’ve been training to run this 10k race in November for a few weeks now, and several things are becoming clear:

1)   I can now understand how people end up training to run ridiculous distances.  The human body is really good at getting used to things, so, just like with drugs or alcohol (I assume), once you’ve been indulging in something for awhile, you have to up the dosage, because the same old amount just doesn’t do it for you any more.  In any event, on Tuesday I ran 5 miles during my lunch break, which would have been unheard of even a couple of weeks ago.  So I’m becoming one of those people!  At least my pants fit better now.

2)   A 10k race is less impressive than I once might have assumed.  I’ve deduced this after talking to several friends who are also training to run races—half marathons.  Their big races are all much sooner than my big (or small) race.  This makes me feel kind of lame, but I’m trying not to let it dissuade me.  I’ll get there someday.

3) When I’m running considerably more than usual, I also want to eat more, and I also also want to eat more crap. This came as a surprise to me. I thought I’d be craving leafy greens and carrot sticks. But I’m craving chocolate chip muffins. It’s as though my body recognizes that it is now theoretically possible for me to be eating more, so it may as well be more donuts. And how can I say no to my body for something like that? Especially when it’s stepped up and begun to log way more miles and work harder when I’ve asked it to? I kind of owe it.