Do you ever go grocery shopping, fill up your basket, get to the check-out line and have the strong urge to drop your basket and just walk out the door without buying anything? Or is it just me?

That happens to me sometimes. Especially when I’m shopping at Food Lion, which is one of the less glamorous grocery store chains in North Carolina. (And yet is still oddly pricey– no one wins!)

I almost walked out this evening when there was a bizarrely long line for a Sunday night. I didn’t even want most of the stuff I was buying, because I’d gone shopping in a resentful, crabby mood, which is ALWAYS when you end up with a basket full of ten cent Food Lion brand mac & cheese, Rocky Road ice cream and chicken bullion cubes. NO GOOD CAN COME OF THOSE ITEMS. Malicious spirits were practically drifting out of my basket moaning, ‘Eeeeeevillll’.

Sometimes I really dislike Sunday night. There’s just no getting over it.