I’m sorry.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I realized sometime back in June that I was spending far too much of my sweet, sweet down-time staring at my laptop devouring blocks and blocks of entertaining text and pictures of cute animals and celebrities.  I like my free time; I wish I had more of it.  I decided that the best way to make it seem as though I had more of it would be to spend more time doing other things, like walking the dogs, reading books, calling friends, driving around.  Going for runs.  Inventing drinks and then drinking them.  Things that, while they are not necessarily as mindlessly fun as spending hours reading Dlisted.com, are still good to do.  Plus, since they’re more boring than surfing the internet, time goes slower while I’m doing them.  Thus, the feeling of more time.

Plus, I’ve always been jealous of those people who say things like, ‘Oh, at home?  I never go on the computer at home.  I’m on the computer all day at work; why do that at home too?’  I too am on the computer all day at work.  I needed to take a page from the books of those people.

So I quit cold turkey, because I knew that would be the only way to do it.  Now the only leisure site I’m letting myself hang around on when I’m at home (i.e. aside from email, or the site where I check my bank balance or book airline tickets and whatnot) is the New York Times.  I can easily waste some time there, but a girl’s got to have a vice or two, right?