After reading several articles about people who are wearing fewer items of clothing, or even going a year without buying any clothing, I was inspired to clean out my closet.

I went through my wardrobe with brutal honesty and precision, and ended up getting rid of about 1/3 of my clothes.

I don’t miss them!  Because the clothes I got rid of– I hadn’t worn many of them for six months to a year.  They were the clothes I pawed past each time I opened my dresser drawer looking for an outfit.  The shirts that looked nice but that I needed to wear a particularly uncomfortable bra with.  The skirts I never wore, but that someday I would be in the mood for.  The jeans I didn’t really like anymore, but that I might like someday.  Basically, they were the clothes I didn’t think I should get rid of, because they were in great shape– because I never wore them.

Now they’re gone!  When I open my drawers (which also open much easier now that they are not stuffed to the brim), I like 99% of the clothes I find in them.  It’s a great feeling.  I have fewer clothes than ever before– but I feel as though I have more clothes than ever before:  because I like all of the clothes I have.  I think actually appreciate each item of clothing more now, because it’s part of a smaller, sparer collection.

The last item of clothing I bought was in late July.  Although I tend to buy clothes in a thrift shop rather than retail, I still figure I’ll give myself 6 months of buying no new clothing of any kind, and see how if feels.  After all, I don’t NEED any more clothes.  I have plenty of clothes right now; enough to last me through at least six months; possible an entire year.  If I can make it that long more’s the better.

So far, getting rid of 1/3 of my clothes is one of the most practical, satisfying things I’ve done in a long time.