It was not easy. In fact, it was really really hard. Especially because I had 46,000 words to write during ten days which included the Thanksgiving holiday and during which I had family visiting for a (delightful!) week.

But I got it done, thanks in part to , a site which helped me to learn that I am capable of writing approximately 1,200 words in 17 minutes.  I am pretty proud of that fact.  I’m not saying they were 1,200 of the best words I’ve ever written, but still.  That’s some speedy writing.

So, I finished my NaNo novel for 2010 too, by pulling it out in the last few days, and that was an accomplishment.

It’s funny, I am not a particularly competitive person in general, but when it comes to certain things, such as exercising, or making writing deadlines, (situations where you are competitive against yourself) I am a howling BEAST and I REFUSE TO FAIL.

I guess I am pretty stubborn after all.  Brian could very likely soliloquize at length about this observation, but I am not going to give him the opportunity.