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Old Fashioned Donut
Part of a balanced breakfast
‘balanced’ meaning ‘wrong’

I am trying to
Eat less sugar day-to-day
But my will is weak

Peanut M&Ms
Lurking in my boss’s desk
Why did she tell me?

I know they are there
And I hear their siren song
We melt in your mouth

My brain is not dumb
Knows damn well that tea is not
Peanut M&Ms

What’s the word for ‘hate’
With just a pinch of ‘envy’?
Students, I (word) you

Spot Healing Brush Tool
Heal the sorrow in my soul
Spot my cares away

Twas not til I met
You, magnetic lasso tool
That my life began

Feel the power of
Rectangular Marquee tool
Do not question it

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