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I’ve got a piece up on the Free Wood Post this weekend that’s been getting some traction.  It’s a little more absurdist than my usual work, but it was really fun to write.

I’ve got some fun writey news to report!

I have a piece appearing in the Spring issue (54) of Bitch Magazine.  I can’t link to it, as it is in the print edition.  But it was pretty great to get into the print edition!  Feel free to pick up a copy wherever fine magazines are sold.  (Or you can purchase the digital edition here).

I’ve also begun contributing to CAP News, a very funny satirical news site.  Some of the pieces I’ve written are linked here:

Victoria’s Secret Introduces Marriage-Saving Panties

Santorum:  God is Using Miley Cyrus to Test Me

Madonna Shocks Fans by Aging

Larry Page Denies Using Google to Destroy Enemies

Employers Back Merit-Based Contraception Coverage

That last one was actually picked up and used as part of a spoof news show.

I’ve also been writing up a storm on The Free Wood Post.  My contributor page, where you can find all of my articles, is here.

Some of my favorite pieces I’ve written for them include:

Michelle Duggar Weighs in on Contraception Debate:  “Why Did No One Tell Me About Contraception?!”

and, New iPad Has the Ability to Love You Back

You can also read a piece of mine on TheSpoof.  Feel free to rate it to help me move up their ranks.

That’s it for now!  Feel free to shoot any suggestions for fun humor/satire sites to write for in my direction.

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