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If suggesting that this book be brailled  was the only thing I accomplished when I worked for this lovely company, I would be happy.  Hopefully it’s not the only thing.  But it’s probably the thing I am most proud of.

As she scanned the two bottles of $2.97 wine I was buying, the cash register LED flashed, “Customer Under 40?”.  The young clerk looked at me.  “When’s your birthday?” she asked.

“April of 1981,” I said.  She nodded and continued scanning my groceries.  “I can give you ID if you want,” I added.

She said, “No, that’s fine.”

A beat later I ventured, “I’m sure glad I look like I’m under 40 years old!” and laughed.

“Yeah.”  The clerk laughed too, then smiled uncertainly.  She said, “Are you under 40?”

Apparently it’s been a loooooong week.

Man, I love coming home to a glass of wine at the end of a long day.  Who’s with me?  What’s your favorite way to unwind?

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