1) Forgetting that I’ve already added 32 oz of water to the pot, and adding another 32 oz of water to half as much grounds, resulting in weak dirt-sauce.

2) Setting up the (non-automatic) coffeemaker the night before but then noticing that the coffeepot is a little dirty. Washing said coffee pot and leaving on the rack to drain overnight, assuming that I will remember to place it back beneath the coffeemaker when I manually start the coffeemaker the next morning. Then forgetting to place it back under the coffeemaker when I turn it on, resulting in four feet of delicious coffee traveling down the countertop while I am getting ready for work.

3) Setting the timer on the (automatic) coffeemaker, then instantly forgetting what time it said, and pressing the button on it again to read the time, thus automatically UN-setting the timer on the automatic coffeemaker, resulting in waking up the next morning to a darkened, sleeping coffeemaker what never turned on.

4) Adding grounds to the (automatic) coffeemaker, then filling the coffeepot with 8 cups of water, and placing it on the coffeemaker, still full of water. The coffeemaker went on automatically in the morning, poured several burny-hot dribbles of water on the grounds below, and heated up the 8 cups of water, resulting in me staring at it for twenty seconds in the morning and trying to figure out whether I actually have a brain.