So, I have recently relocated to North Carolina.  This is exciting and life-changing in a number of ways, some of them unexpected– others, extremely guilt-inducing.  The road to self-discovery appears to be paved with shame.  For example, in the past few days I have learned:

I kind of love to drive!

It began with my purchase, from my folks, of a dark blue 2003 Pontiac Vibe, and continued with a subsequent two-day, fifteen-hour road trip down to North Carolina  through hurricane Hanna.  I have never driven for that long at a time in my life, through such ridiculous weather conditions, but it somehow left me more excited than ever to be driving again.

I know, I know.  With gas prices being the way they are, it’s not the best time to get your groove back through driving.  But come on!  I get great gas mileage!  Don’t look at me like that.  AND, for nearly all of my life– in NYC, Hawai’i and Boston, I have relied almost exclusively on public transportation to get everywhere.  It’s nice to not have to work around someone else’s schedule for once (326 bus, I’m looking in your goddamn direction).  There’s no more frantically looking up bus times online, like when I lived in Medford, and doing the dance of  “I’ll need to leave an hour early for the movie, because the next bus after that will make me miss the previews.  Heck, why don’t I just walk the 40 minutes, because that will get me there at the right time anyway.”  I shit you not, I Heck just walked the 40 minutes more times than not.  I do like to walk.  But damn hell, now I get to drive!