Leanne’s recent video-game related post reminded me of how I too dislike violent, fighty first-person videogames.  With the realistic graphics and sound that these games have, they are just too real for me.  I can’t handle the heat.

I used to watch in horrified fascination as Brian played “Bioshock”, which was set in a rotting underwater city populated with cackling madmen.  Apparently one of the objects of the game was to locate and rescue several  children.  “Why are you saving those kids?”  I remember asking him.  “What kind of lives are they going to have, growing up in that horrible place?”  Brian would pause the game to give me a look.
One time (and only one time) Brian tried to get me to play “Army of Two” with him.  He must have been desperate.  In “Army of Two”, you and your teammate are in a war zone together, shooting bad guys with automatic weapons and getting shot at and blowing stuff up.  Occasionally if you get hit, your character lies down and you hear a harsh, husky voice say, “Save me, I’m not gonna make it,” or something dramatic like that.  I’m pretty sure that line brought tears to my eyes.

“Who are we even shooting at?” I kept squeaking.  “Don’t shoot those guys!  They might be civilians!   They have families!   Why are they trying to kill me?  They don’t even know me!  WAR IS SO TERRIBLE!”

I lasted through about ten minutes of “Army of Two” before Brian gave up and stopped the game.  If you ask me, he should have seen that coming.  He knows I’m a Bubble Bobble kind of girl.