So, we watched Transformers 2: More Big Explodey Robots last night. Seeing as it arrived from Netflix at the same time as The Madness of King George, I wondered aloud whether Netflix had any misgivings that they had sent us the wrong movies.

Brian said, “Maybe they just figure we have children.” Touche.

In any event, I’m pretty sure the running time of Transformers 2 was approximately 398 minutes. As Brian noted, Megan Fox, who was cute in the first Transformers, kind of looked like a weird tranny muppet in this one. And I know it is ridiculous to even point this out, but the dialogue was TERRIBLE. Seriously. I think it would be a huge improvement for the film to be dubbed over thusly:

The spectacle and the sound effects would remain the same (Bang boom explode crash shrieking metal bang boom BOOM BOOM smash scream), since they are really the point. But instead of the dialogue, every time each character opened its mouth, you would hear me say, ‘Meh’. I would say it in slightly different tones and durations for the different characters. But it would be all you’d hear instead of any of the speaking parts.

I would have enjoyed that version of Transformers 2: Tranny Muppet Continues to Date Wussy Emo Boy For No Justifiable Reason, much more!

At least tonight we are going to watch MY movies: The Murder of King George and Labyrinth. YESSS.