Quick! I need a good man’s name for the guy in my novel.

It needs to be kind of old-fashioned, but also kind of rakish and sexy. Think Neo-Post Gothic Satirical Romance hero’s name. Also, like most men in that genre which I just made up, he’s kind of a bad guy too.

Names I’ve had so far but that just aren’t right:

I’m on Jasper right now, and it’s not bad, but I feel like it could use more oomph. And I want to avoid a) names of boys I’ve known in my life, not that you guys know what those names are, and b) names that end in ‘s’, because I’m never sure how the possessive works with those names. It just always looks weird.

Also, the heroine’s name is Clara. So if it goes well with that name, more the better.

No you don’t want to read my novel, trust me.

Thanx for your help!