Democrats: Hey, we’re about to drive off a cliff, so let’s just turn this car to the left to stay on the road.

Republicans: Wait a minute. Not only are we about to drive off a cliff, but this car is also feeling extremely cold! Turn down the air conditioning right this minute!

Tea Party Republicans: That’s right! Turning off the A/C is the most important thing to do right now! We have been irresponsible for far too long, keeping temperatures in this car at much lower levels than is reasonable, given our gas mileage and the price of oil! It’s going to get warmer if we turn the A/C down, but we’re all going to have to make some sacrifices here!

Democrats: Wait a minute. Yes, the A/C is on pretty high. But it’s extremely hot out, and lots of people depend on that A/C right now. Turning it down is going to affect some passengers a lot more than others. Maybe the people in the front of the car, who are much closer to the cold air, could trade places with those in the back and give some other people the chance to cool off?

Tea Party Republicans: The people in front have earned the right to be in front!  We are not turning this car around until you promise that the people in the front can stay where they are.

Democrats: Turn the car around! Just turn the car around! Why are we even debating this?

Tea Party Republicans: I don’t know why you’re so concerned about that cliff.  There is no proof that driving off a cliff can kill you. You are just trying to scare everyone.

Democrats: The only way you’ll help us turn this car around is if we turn down the A/C and everyone stays where they are?

Tea Party Republicans: Damn skippy.

Democrats: I have half a mind to just let us drive off this cliff.

Republicans: Are you saying you’d rather we all die than turn down your precious A/C?  Don’t you care about anyone in this car?!

Democrats: Fine. We’ll turn off the A/C and everyone can stay put. Most of the passengers in this car are not going to like that, but I guess it’s the only way we can get you to hit the brakes.

Tea Party Republicans:  Fine.  But I still say it’s much too cold in here.

Car: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal.

American People: You all suck.