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Today I ran 7.5 miles on the treadmill in 70 minutes.


Granted, I was watching VH1’s “Best Songs of the 80s” during that time (and got through approximately songs 45-28, to be exact). So that helped the time go by. But still. That was a lot of miles to run (the most I’ve run ever!) and a lot of minutes to keep running during. Now my legs really hurt. I am worried that I am turning into one of those people who runs a lot and trains to run more and is always saying things like, ‘I am training to run a half marathon’ because I sort of am. Maybe. I might do that.

The dog has a cone on his head right now from a minor surgery he had last week, and he’s bashing it into everything in our apartment multiple times a day, especially my legs. There is nothing quite so irritating as having a cone bashed into your legs every thirty-seven seconds that you are at home. Even though it’s by the dog, so it’s being done with love.

Sad Coneheaded Dog.

Sad Coneheaded Dog.

Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!  Can you guess who I went as?


It's very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present.

No fair if I already told you.  =)

Now that I have a camera (thanks, Karen!!!  I owe you ten!), I have a burning need to show you how cute our dog is.

Ok, so he was Brian’s dog first.  But since Brian and I have been together for 4 years, Charlie the dog has known me for over half his young life.  Also, I feed him, I pick up his poop, and I log hours of time walking him all over the neighborhood.  And I love him to bits.  LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS:

Best Puppy Ever

Best Puppy Ever

And here:



I’m just saying, how can you not love this dog?  I don’t know any possible way.

Epecially When He Does This

Epecially When He Does This

Having never had a dog before, it’s been a great experience.  Particularly a dog like Charlie, who is sweet, good-natured, undemanding, and wants nothing more than to be loved.  It really puts things into perspective sometimes, and reminds me what is important in life.  Seriously, this dog barely ever barks, waits patiently to be fed, walked, and petted and never puts up a fuss about anything.  He’s a big furry ball of unconditional love.

Love, Love Me Do

Love Please

Ok, I’m done.  For now.  I just wanted to share my Saturday Warm Fuzzies with you.

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