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I overdid it.  I always do.
Excited by my purchase last month of one of those seductive little jars of scented oil that has a handful of thin little sticks poking out of it (it made the downstairs bathroom smell like VANILLA!), I ran back to TJ MAXX and bought three more scented bottles and distributed them upstairs.


While at first I enjoyed the olfactory safari I was transported on as I roamed through the house, after a day my nose was on overload. Every time I entered a room I was hit by a different scent of artificial, manufactured tranquility.  Apple!  Honeysuckle!  Some sort of Fall scent that smelled like juice!   Disoriented, I lay down this afternoon to take a 90 minute nap and had vivid, terrifying dreams.  I woke up cringing in fear to the overwhelming, incongruous  scent of apple.  Why did I want my room to smell like this anyway?  Enough was enough.


I freaked out, collected each bottle and screwed it shut and buried them all in the back of the hall closet.


Now I relish the actual smells of our house:  Coffee.  Used dryer sheets.  Dog.  That burny smell the vacuum leaves behind.  Ahhhh.  That’s more like it.

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