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As composed by myself and several friends, a few years ago.  I found this list of rules while unpacking and it brought back some fun memories.

If you don’t know how the game is played, you duct-tape a 40oz of malt liquor to each hand.  They must stay attached to your hands until you finish them both.  Then you watch the fun ensue.  And by the fun, I mean the drunk.

We prepared everything in advance to make things easier on ourselves once we were properly 40-fied.  We took movies out of their cases, (Selections included ‘The Wall’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl’, ’28 Days Later’, ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Alien: Resurrection’, ‘Terminator’) and put pretzels and other snacks out in wide bowls so we could eat them with our faces.  We outfitted ourselves in comfortable clothes and got down to business.

The Rules:

1) No removing tape until both 40ozs are finished.

2) No high-fives.

3) No sleeping with 40ozs.

4) Pajamas must be worn at all times.

5) This is gonna rock.

6) No puking.

7) Seriously, if you’re gonna puke, don’t.  (Unless it’s off the porch)

8 ) Malt liquor only, no beer.

9) Peeing is going to be hard. (It was.  YOU try pulling up a pair of pajama pants with a bottle taped to each hand).

10) Participants totally want to drink 2 40s and they totally rock more than Slash.

11) During emotional scenes in movies, airhorns must be liberally applied.

12) 40s can be re-capped in case of emergency.

13) Everyone loses.  Especially the winner.  Especially those of us who have to work in the morning.

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