Me: I think we’re in too deep if we’re seriously considering this.

Robbins: He’s the only source we have! If we don’t make a deal with him, Couglin’s a dead man. So’s anyone else who gets caught on the inside.

Me: Couglin knew what he was getting into when he started.

Robbins: So you’re willing to leave a man behind?

Me: All I’m saying is, I don’t negotiate with criminals.

Robbins: I know. But you’ve got to look at it my way.

Me: I am, I just—


Me: Is that my stapler?

Robbins: You have to—what? Is that…are you serious?

Me: You heard me.

Robbins: It—no! It’s not…I brought it from home.

Me: It looks an awful lot like one I used to have that went missing.

Robbins: Can we please get back to—

Me: Look, there’s some sticky stuff on the top where I had a label with my name. You even peeled off my label!

Robbins: Would you mind if we did this later?

Me: I’m just saying. That’s not a cheap stapler.

Robbins: He’s the only source we have.